Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Harvest Restaurants, POSitouch and PayChex

Harvest Restaurants (http://www.harvestrestaurants.com ) needed a solution to integrate their POSitouch Time and Attendance (http://www.positouch.com) with the PayChex Payroll Solution (http://www.paychex.com) . With 8 locations, it was taking a lot of time to enter the hours and tips into PayChex. The iPOS Payroll integration for POSitouch automated the process and significantly reduced the time it took to process a pay cycle. Store managers now simply click a button, and the import file gets created. They email the file to the corporate office for uploading to PayChex. The solution is simple and very cost effective for Harvest.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Energy Kitchen RPower SpreadSheet Application

When Energy Kitchen (http://www.energykitchen.com/ ) updated from an RPower POS system to the Aloha POS System, they needed access to the historical data from their RPower POS system. Retail Automation Products (RAP http://rap-pos.com/ ) asked InControl Software to develop an application to read the RPower database and provide reports. InControl Software built this app and provided all the reports in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The end result was an easy to use application with selectable dates and on screen viewing of the data in a spreadsheet that could be accessed with Excel or Open Office.