Friday, March 23, 2012

iPOS POSitouch House Charges to QuickBooks Accounts Recievable

iPOS POSitouch House Charge to QuickBooks Accounts Recievable allows you to process the house charges or payments that have been settled to a house or membership account to post as an invoice in QuickBooks allowing you to send out statements at  end of the month for billing. In the setup you map your POSitouch customers to your QuickBooks customers in an easy to use grid map, then map your POSitouch Major Categories, Discounts, Sales Tax to your QuickBooks items and you're ready to go. The day to day process is to simply click on the transaction date and then send to QuickBooks. Easy to setup, easy to use. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

iPOS POSitouch to QuickBooks GL Multi Store

iPOS POSitouch to QuickBooks Multi Store allows you to have one centralized dashboard for entering your stores' sales, payments, discounts, sales tax etc into your QuickBooks General Journal. iPOS can automatically get the necessary data files from each of your restaurants and make them available for entry into QuickBooks. Once the setup is complete, you simply click on a store and a date and it's sent to your QuickBooks GL. The application is designed to be used off site and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

gPOS Aloha to Google Docs

gPOS Aloha to Google Docs is an application that allows restaurant operators the ability to get important restaurant sales and labor figures in a spreadsheet format, anywhere they have an internet connection and not have to rely on an expensive web based database application or have monthly subscription based costs. We have been getting very positive comments on this application and it comes with a free 15 day trial. In addition to the spreadsheet reports, it also has the capability to send text messages to your cell phone. These messages show sales, labor/sales percentages, guest counts and check averages. They can be sent as many times as you need throughout the day and provide real time info to your cell phones. Great for managers as they don't even need to go in the BOH to get important sales and cost info.