Monday, April 18, 2011

POSitouch Debit Application for Horizon House Retirement Home

We completed a POSitouch debit application for a retirement home in the Seattle area. Horizon House had a Choice Dining plan where residents would have either $150 or $300 put on their account each month and then they could charge against that in the dining facilities. Keeping track of this was becoming a problem for the site. They were using the POSitouch in house gift card application, but the process of updating/adding money to their account was tedious and reports were non-existent. 

Horizon House asked us for a solution. We created an application which will automatically add the required funds to the ACCOUNT.MDB file in POSitouch (the House Accounts file) at the begining for each month Then at the POS terminal, the cashier could enter the residents account number and charge against the balance stored in this file. On the receipt, the balance remaining is displayed for the resident. If they depleted the account balance, the FOH terminal will not let them exceed the amount. The cashier could then either house charge the remaining balance, or the resident could pay cash.

The application saves Horizon House a lot of time and the accompanying reports can tell them each resident's current balance, detail the charge history and gives them an overall outstanding balance on all the accounts. In addition, we built an interface to their Great Plains GL for these transactions.If you would like more info on this, please use the Contact Us link on our website and we can answer any questions you may have.

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